Are you seeking an IT firm experienced in supporting your Accounting Practice’s specific software applications?

  • Would you like to increase the security of your network?

Our Accounting Technology Solutions in Sydney, Australia  are the answer

Our Accounting Practice-specific services include:

  • Cloud Telephony – you no longer need to worry about your phones or call management ever again.
  • Computing as a Service – For a fixed monthly fee we install all computing resources you require with unlimited support.
  • We support most Accounting package Solutions
  • Security penetration testing and remediation
  • Offsite backup and recovery of their servers – allowing you to continue working during any outages.
  • Experienced, efficient service desk staff for immediate response

How can Computing As A Service or Cloud can help your Accounting Technology Solutions

  1. Fixed Monthly fee – allowing you to budget.
  2. Cuts the costs for your business
    • No need for expensive servers and equipment
    • Saves on software and Licencing
    • Can save on Energy costs
  3. Centralise data storage on a ‘Secure’ Central Server or storage in the Cloud
    • No more saving files on local desktops and losing it.
  4. Increased Data Protection
    • Reduced Opportunity of copying of files or client databases onto USB drives
  5. Simplifies IT Management – problems resolved by providers
  6. Updates in LOB apps are automatic and done by the cloud provider
  7. Integration between Cloud Apps. Have your Document Management tool link automatically to your accounting and billing platform
  8. Provision of more timely information to clients as you can logon to the cloud to show graphs and statistics
  9. Cloud Based email  saves on internal management of email and can offer archiving services (Office 365 or Hosted Email Solutions)

Presentation to Institute of Chartered Accounts

Recently, Nortec were asked to do a presentation to the Institute of Chartered Accounts.

The main areas the Accounts present were interested in were

  • Hosted Telephony and VoIP
  • Computing as a Service
  • Cloud Computing and Security
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • Accounting Trends

Please go to this Blog Entry for more information and for a link to the Powerpoint presentation

We are your Accounting Technology Solutions support specialists

We specialize in maintaining your accounting practice’s specific needs through our processes and auditing capabilities to support your software packages and secure networking needs.

Most accounting firms choose our Computing as a Service, this allows them to concentrate on on their own business and customers without having to worry about the day to day computing issues.

Our experienced staff members are your practice’s accounting support specialists.

Leverage our expertise and reap the benefits of our Accounting Technology Solutions for your practice. Increase your staff’s efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs and mitigating risk. Contact us today to discuss the many benefits our IT services can provide your business.

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