The secret of security success

Cyber security training and phishing campaigns are essential components of a robust cybersecurity strategy. Our platform manages this through four modules Nortec Learn. Nortec Phish, Nortec Breach and Nortec Policy

Nortec Learn is our training module. It starts with a short 36-part questionnaire. Four questions are asked on each of the key security areas and training is customised on the weakest areas first.

Nortec Phish is our phishing module. It allows us to safely phish staff with any risk of compromise.

Nortec Breach is our Dark Web Monitoring Tool. It will alert you of any breaches containing your credentials.

Nortec Policy is our library of security polices made available to you to both review, download and customise.


Nortec Learn

Demonstration Video on how to use of Security Training Portal

Nortec Phish

Demonstration Video on how our Phishing Portal Works

Nortec Breach

Demonstration Video on how our Dark Web Breach Protection Works

Nortec Policy

Demonstration Video on the types of and how to use our Security Policys