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Today, every company is a data company. It’s a new data reality that’s endlessly alive. Quantum provides expert scale-out storage, and archive and data protection, as well as solutions for preserving digital assets. As a partner Nortec has helped clients  maximize their data requirements and meet demanding workflow challenges by using Quantum’s  industry leading solutions.

Quantum Nortec Partnership

Quantums Key Solution areas by Use case are

Surveilance and Security

Quantum ensures effective capture, analysis, and archiving of video and physical security data for cities, education institutions, transit and airports, and gaming/entertainment.

Data Archiving

Quantum provides a range of flexible systems to address both active usage and long-term retention across multiple storage tiers, including file, object, disk, tape, and cloud resources.

Ransomware Recovery

Quantum solutions are built for data protection and recovery across the lifecycle – helping organizations reduce downtime, loss of revenue, and maintain client trust.


Quantum’s backup, recovery, and archive solutions ensure the availability of data across sites and to protect against operational issues, ransomware, and other forms of cyberattacks.

Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Media and Entertainment


Life Sciences


Financial Services



Safe Cities

Gaming & Hospitality




Quantum has assisted many industries to effectively use and manage their data effectively.

Quantum Hyperscale

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