DAVID NORRIS – Managing Director / CEO

David has been working in the IT Industry for over 30 years. Starting his career as a programmer at Westpac in mainframes and finishing up at IBM as a technical team leader in charge of a large team and a multi-million dollar project. David opened Nortec in the early 90’s as he saw the potential growth of the industry. David has always had a hands on approach both to management and engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Business and a multitude of certifications collected over the years. In 2021 he completed a Masters of Cyber Security.

Nathan Downes – Director /Ops Manager

Nathan brings a wealth of experience in the information technology and services industry. Nathan wears a number of hats. He is Operations Manager as well as heading up Nortec’s Data and Voice division. Nathan has worked with multi-focused companies where he quickly developed into a seasoned network engineer specializing in IP/IT technologies and large networks. Nathan worked as a consultant on various other networking projects for some of the leading data and communications companies in Australia. In addition to his extensive experience in the IT industry, Nathan specializes in SIP based applications and product integration projects. In 2021 He completed a Grad. Dip in Cyber Security.

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