Cybersecurity 101 Webinar Series

Ramp Up Your Security Posture with Layered Security
The present threat landscape has grown to the point where a single security measure is no longer sufficient to protect against attacks. Statistics attest to this…

21st September – 30 minutes
12pm to 230p.m. AEST

19th October – 30 minutes – Defense In Depth

Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to bypass security defenses. That’s why it’s essential to think like a hacker and adopt measures to stay ahead of them. This is what Defense in Depth…

Free Webinar 12pm to 230p.m. AEST
Nortec IT’s Webinar Discusses the 7 Elements of a Defense in Depth Cybersecurity Strategy.• Firewalls • Intrusion prevention and detection systems• Endpoint detection and response • Network Segmentation• The principle of of least privilege • Strong Passwords • Patch Management

Come listen to some more stories and find out why a Defense in Depth Strategy is important in running a business. David and Shaun will continue on with the 2nd webinar in our Cybersecurity 101 Series.

Nortec IT
David Norris - Nortec IT

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