Cyber Essentials Managed Services

Our Most Popular Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

In today’s cyber-threat landscape, even the most valiant solo defender can be overwhelmed. That’s where technology managed services, paired with our Cyber Essentials security stack, come in like a well-equipped battalion, offering your business unparalleled protection.

Our award winning Managed Service combined with our Cyber Essentials Package

Imagine your network as a sprawling castle. Managed services act as your loyal guard, constantly monitoring for intruders, patching vulnerabilities, and responding swiftly to threats. Our Cyber Essentials package like a shield, implementing security controls to fortify your defenses.

Managed services, equipped with our Cyber Essentials Package, are not just a luxury; they’re an essential investment for businesses of all sizes. They offer peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core operations while they guard your digital frontiers. Remember, in the cyber battlefield, a strong defense is your best offense.

This package will transform your castle from a vulnerable target to a fortress.

What is Included in the package?

Unlimited IT Support

In the perilous realm of digital threats, our IT support team is your steadfast guard. But in this age of relentless cyber-sieges, a single guard, however valiant, may not suffice. That’s where unlimited IT support bursts onto the scene like a battalion of skilled defenders, ready to repel any digital assault.

Account Management

With a dedicated Account Manager, your castle isn’t just secure; it’s thriving. They help you leverage technology to optimize operations, gain a competitive edge, and navigate the ever-shifting digital landscape.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Imagine your bridge, once easily crossed by anyone with a stolen password, now transformed. With MFA, every attempted crossing triggers a second challenge, like a watchful guard demanding a secret word or a token in hand.

Security Awareness Training

Hidden amidst the throngs lurk digital deceivers, weaving elaborate phishing scams and spreading malware like poisoned whispers. Security Awareness Training becomes your counter-narrative, a captivating performance fortifying your people’s defenses.

End Point Detection and Response

Your castle walls, once seemingly impenetrable, now dotted with hidden trapdoors and secret passages. EDR acts as your omnipresent guard, constantly monitoring every digital nook and cranny, scrutinizing every file and process for nefarious activity. Available on both workstations and mobile devices.

External Penetration test

Your castle gates, seemingly impenetrable, yet adorned with elaborate locks and ancient mechanisms. The penetration tester becomes the cunning rogue, meticulously examining every hinge, lock, and secret passage, searching for weaknesses the unsuspecting guards may have overlooked.

Internal Vulnerability and Penetration Test

The internal vulnerability tester becomes the keen-eyed inspector, peering behind tapestries of software, examining dusty corners of configuration settings, and sniffing out forgotten accounts like hidden cobwebs. Think of them as a vigilant steward, uncovering potential malfunctions before they can disrupt the kingdom’s operations.

M365 Tenant Best Practise

Imagine your tenant, teeming with shared documents, bustling calendars, and a vibrant exchange of emails. Best Practices arrive not as rigid edicts, but as a seasoned advisor, meticulously analyzing your workflow, identifying vulnerabilities like unguarded stalls and overflowing coffers, and offering practical solutions to secure your digital assets.

Email Phishing Campaigns

Consistent email phishing campaigns become your cunning drillmasters, crafting simulated attacks that mimic the tactics of real-world phishers, from tempting subject lines to cleverly forged sender addresses. Think of them as controlled skirmishes, testing your guards’ vigilance and exposing their vulnerabilities before any real attackers can storm the gates.

Workplace Security Policys

Security policies become the wise town crier, proclaiming clear, enforceable laws that govern digital conduct. From password protocols to acceptable data usage, these laws guide your digital subjects, ensuring harmony and safeguarding your precious digital riches. Think of them as well-forged chains securing the drawbridge, preventing both opportunistic thieves and careless knights from causing harm.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring arrives like a watchful sentinel, a cloaked observer peering into the hidden alleys, ensuring no whispers of danger go unheard, and your digital kingdom remains secure. Dark Web Monitoring is not just a security tool; it’s a strategic advantage. It grants you early warnings, proactive defense, and informed decision-making, ensuring your digital kingdom thrives under the unwavering banner of vigilance and preparedness.

Portable Storage Device Protection

No longer shall cunning spies pilfer your secrets! USB Device Storage Protection acts as a formidable dam, blocking unauthorized USB sticks from entry and restricting data transfer. You dictate who can access your data, what they can copy, and how they do it.  It empowers you to control your data, safeguard your network, and foster a secure environment for your digital subjects.

Why entrust your castle security to us

With your digital keep entrusted to seasoned mercenaries, you gain the freedom to focus on your kingdom’s prosperity. You can confidently innovate, expand your digital borders, and collaborate without the gnawing fear of cyber threats. This allows you to reign with a clear mind, knowing your network is guarded by the best in the business.

Outsourcing IT and Cybersecurity is not just a convenience; it’s a strategic investment. It grants you access to specialized skills, cost-effective solutions, and unwavering vigilance, ensuring your digital kingdom prospers under the banner of unwavering security and peace of mind. So, embrace the band of seasoned mercenaries, let them guard your digital keep, and watch your business flourish as a beacon of innovation and unwavering resilience.

Essential Eight Compliance

If you require a more comprehensive Cyber Security Footprint or you need to comply with the ACSC Essential Eight our Cyber Protect Managed Services is the solution you are looking for. We will both supply the tools and specialist knowledge required to get you up to level one and beyond.

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