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Our Essential Eight Compliant Solution for Businesses

In today’s cyber-threat landscape, even the most valiant defender can be overwhelmed. That’s where technology managed services, paired with our Cyber Secure Essential Eight security stack, come in like a well-equipped battalion, offering your business unparalleled protection.

Our award winning Managed Service combined with our Essential Eight Compliance Package

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, your castle requires more than just sturdy walls; it needs constant vigilance and expert defenders. Combining managed services with an Essential Eight Level Two compliant package provides a powerful shield, offering unwavering protection and expert response against cyber threats.

Essential Eight Compliance establishes the strong foundation for your castle. It’s the set of eight essential cybersecurity controls, akin to thick stone walls and secure drawbridges, designed to withstand common attacks. By adhering to these controls, you create a formidable barrier against intruders.

What is Included in the package?

Everything in our Cyber Essentials package
  • Unlimited IT Support
  • Account Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • End Point Detection and Response
  • Internal Vulnerability Test
  • M365 Tenant Best Practice
  • Email Phishing Campaigns
  • Workplace Security Policies
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
ACSC Maturity Level 2

Imagine your towering castle, nestled at the bend of a data-rich river. Level One of the Essential Eight becomes your stalwart engineers, tirelessly constructing a series of vital defenses. Think of them as raising mighty stone walls against malware floods, building drawbridges of multi-factor authentication, and erecting watchtowers of application control for your digital sentinels.

Essential Eight Audit

Imagine your castle, its towers reflecting the shimmering digital streams. The Essential Eight Audit becomes your mapmaker, meticulously charting the course of your data flow, uncovering hidden tributaries of unsecured devices and software, and pinpointing weak spots in your digital dams where attackers might infiltrate. Think of them as diving into the murky depths, their keen eyes spotting cracks in the riverbed and hidden crevices where digital predators lie in wait.

24/7 Security Operation Centre

Imagine your towering castle, its ramparts manned by diligent guards. The SOC becomes your tireless sentinel, a band of seasoned cybersecurity warriors who keep watch day and night, their gaze fixed on the ever-shifting digital landscape. Think of them as owls perched atop the highest battlements, their keen eyes spotting even the faintest flicker of a digital torch carried by an encroaching threat.

SIEM – Event Tracking

Imagine your bustling castle, its drawbridge lowered to allow the flow of information. SIEM becomes your watchful lookout, perched atop a towering monitor, tirelessly scanning the river for suspicious ripples, sudden eddies, and debris carried by unknown sources. Think of them as seasoned navigators, their charts marked with the telltale signs of digital dangers, ready to sound the alarm before any threat can capsize your data flow.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Your castle archives, brimming with vital documents, emails, and shared calendars. A rogue knight accidentally deletes a crucial treaty, a mischievous gremlin unleashes malware that corrupts your inventory records, or a clumsy dragon disrupts the delicate dance of data syncing. Microsoft 365 Backup comes to the rescue, like a quick-witted maid scooping up spilled food, meticulously recreating the feast from its carefully stored reserves.

Password Management

Imagine your towering castle, its doors secured by intricate locks, each guarded by a vigilant warrior chanting a unique melody. The Password Management Solution becomes your royal blacksmith, crafting personalized key chains for each warrior, forging complex passwords from unbreakable alloys of random characters and symbols. Think of them as melting down weak, predictable chants into molten pools of entropy, then reforging them into unyielding locks that even the most skilled digital thieves cannot pick.

DNS Management

Imagine your sprawling castle, its corridors bustling with messengers carrying scrolls and pronouncements. The DNS Management Solution becomes your royal cartographer, meticulously crafting and maintaining a master map of your digital highways, marking the true paths to every server and digital domain. Think of them as etching these paths onto enchanted parchment, immune to tampering and deceit, ensuring no messenger strays into treacherous digital forests.

Continual Vulnerability Scanning

That’s what continuous vulnerability scanning offers – an tireless guard, scanning every inch of your network for cracks in the armor, just like those exploited by cyber attackers.

Offsite Backups

Your bustling castle, its archives overflowing with scrolls, contracts, and vital records. The Offsite Backup acts as a hidden vault beyond the castle walls, a secure haven immune to any disaster that may befall your digital domain. Think of it as a sturdy ship anchored offshore, waiting to ferry your precious scrolls to safety should the river run dry or the Kraken rise.

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