Nortec Central Client Console

(A Link to this Nortec Central documentation can be found in the Console Learning Centre or downloaded as a pdf from HERE)

Client Introduction

Nortec Central can be launched by a number of methods

  • Short cut on your desktop
  • From the windows menu
  • Nortec Central button in the left-hand corner of the screen

The easiest way is to way to start is to click on the Nortec Central button Nortec Central Button in the bottom left hand corner of the task bar.
When launching Nortec Central you should be logged in automatically, however, if you’re prompted with a login screen please enter your email address and portal password. If you’re not sure what it is you can hit the Forgot Password button and it will be emailed to you. All else fails contact support on 02 9894 9514.
Nortec Central Login
After logging in you are presented with the Open Tickets page. This shows all tickets that are currently open with Nortec.
Nortec Central Open Tickets

Viewing Open Tickets

Nortec Central Viewing Tickets
When viewing a ticket, you can see all the necessary details including updates to the ticket, a timeline of work done and options to change the ticket in certain ways including:

  • Status of a ticket – the most common statuses are
    • In Progress
    • Waiting on Client
    • Waiting on Parts/ Repairs
    • On Hold
  • Timeline of Work being carried out on a Ticket
  • Details of who is working on the ticket
  • Uploading a file to the ticket Nortec Central Attachment Button
  • Adding a note to the ticket Nortec Central Message Button
  • Closing the ticket Nortec Central Close Button
  • And refreshing the ticket Nortec Central Refresh Button

The details tab shows

  • Ticket ID
  • Date Created
  • Date Closed
  • Status
  • Assigned priority

Nortec Central Details Button

Viewing Closed Tickets

Access closed tickets by selecting the Nortec Central Close Tickets Button menu item on the left-hand side of the screen.
The same timeline and details options are available from this menu.
Tickets can be reopened by clicking on Nortec Central Open Tickets Button . This will move the ticket back into the open tickets

Requesting Support

Nortec Central Create Tickets Button Request support by navigating to the Create Ticket section on the left and then choosing a support type.
Nortec Central Category Selection
Depending on the ticket there may be an additional sub-category to further narrow down the issue. In the example below Hardware as the main category – giving additional sub category options.
Nortec Central Sub Category Selection Nortec Central Sub Category Selection 2
Nortec Central Ticket Information
When requesting support simply enter both a brief Summary and full Description of the problem and select Create Ticket. This will take you to the Timeline View
Nortec Central Entered Ticket
From here you can also attach a file of up to 4 megabytes or take a screenshot and attach it to the ticket. You can also leave any additional notes.
This ticket can now be tracked as per the Open Tickets Tab.

Nortec Central Chat

You may also have the option to initiate a chat from the chat icon Nortec Central Chat Request Button in the top right-hand corner of an open ticket, clicking the chat icon will initiate a chat request and when picked up by a technician a chat window will appear to the right of the ticket.
Nortec Central Chat Request Screen
Clicking on this will bring up the waiting for for a tech box as per below
Nortec Central Tech Chat Screen
Nortec Central Tech Response Screen
If an engineer is available a message will appear asking how they can assist you. You can then proceed with the online chat. This will be added to the ticket information. To end the chat, click the Nortec Central End Chat Button button on the chat screen.
Nortec Central Chat Unavailable
If an engineer is unavailable a message will appear advising you that they are all busy.


In some situations, permission for Nortec to work on tickets is by Approval. Someone within the organisation is given the authority to Approve Nortec to work on tickets. No action is made on a ticket until it has been approved.
If you have access to Approvals, the section will display on the left along with the number of tickets that require approval. Inside the Approvals are all tickets that require approval, by clicking on a ticket you can then choose to Grant or Decline approval for that ticket.
Nortec Central Ticket Approval


If you have been given access to Recommendations you will be able to see all quotes for your company, clicking on one will allow you to view it.
Nortec Central Recommendations

Learning Centre

Nortec Central Learning Centre Button Stuck on how to do something or want step by step instruction open up our learning centre. Nortec Central Learning Centre
The Learning Centre is on the left-hand menu side of the Nortec Central App.
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