Tikki and David Norris nominated for the NRMA Helping People Award – July 2012

Tikki and David have been nominated by the Aunties and Uncles Program for the NRMA Helping People Award
Aunties & Uncles helps build a better life for children.
We do this through an early intervention mentoring program based on 
an extended family model of “aunts” and “uncles” who provide mentoring and 
guidance in a stable family environment.
For the last 14 years Tikki and David have been mentoring two children involved in the program since very early ages. This has involved them welcoming the children into their families as nieces and nephews and giving them exposure and opportunities to do activities they may not have been able to do. Tikki and David give up two weekends a month and have the children over. They take them camping and on holidays and do all the other activities an Aunt or Uncle may do. 
NRMA’s Helping People Awards recognise volunteers from NSW and the ACT who volunteer for a charity or not-for-profit organisation.