Managed Security

We understand the confusion around how best to protect your business

We offer fixed price managed security agreements designed to suit all small and medium businesses. These security packages are updated with the latest tools and technology on a regular basis.

Let us protect your business so you can grow your business.

Security Package Inclusions

You will not find a better more cost effective Managed Secuity Solution

Our managed security package is designed to protect small and medium business. 

For a low affordable cost per end point we will provide all of the below protection areas.

Script / Macros Control – Real Time

This stops unauthorised scripts from running. It will identify malicious scripts within Excel documents and determine the correct action based on AI analysis. It prevents the execution of PowerShell scripts. It supports granular whitelisting and safelists.

Detect and quarantine malicious files – Real Time

You can add files identified in threat events to a quarantine list or a safe list for handling future events.

Real-Time Protection – Real Time

Malware detection and response with zero latency. Threats, such as malicious email attachments, are eradicated before their payloads can be detonated.

Memory Protection – Real Time

It will proactively identify and stop malicious use of memory. It will prevent memory-only attacks such as privilege escalation. It supports granular exclusions and enhanced troubleshooting and reporting.

Device Usage Policy Enforcement – Real Time

It will control the use of USB mass storage devices. This will help prevent data theft via removable media.

24/7 Detection and Automated Response

The AI monitors devices continually and takes action immediately after detection or activity occurs. The action will be based on the type of attack but could range from stopping the process and undoing what occurred to isolating the machine.

Phishing and Malicious URL Detection – Real Time

AI will automatically detect and stop malicious URLs, including those with embedded phishing elements.

Email Phishing Campaigns – Twice per month

We will perform a quarterly phishing campaign. This will allow you to test the training and identify employees who need additional reinforcement training.

Device Usage Policy Enforcement – Real Time

Controls which devices can be used in the environment, eliminating external devices as a possible attack vector.

Apply Best Practice Lockdown to M365 Tenant – Quarterly

We will configure your M365 Tenant for best practice lock down settings. 

True Zero-Day Prevention / Ransomware Protection – Real Time

It will prevent Zero-day payloads from executing using a resilient AI model. It uses AI and machine learning — not signatures — to identify and block known and unknown malware from running on endpoints, providing true zero-day prevention.

External Penetration Testing – Quarterly

We will perform a penetration test against all of your public IP addresses. This will identify and allow us to lock down any attack vectors which may be used by an attacker.

Internal Penetration Testing – Quarterly

We will perform a penetration test against all of your public IP addresses. This will identify and allow us to lock down any attack vectors which may be used by an attacker.

Vulnerability Testing – Quarterly

We will perform a penetration test against all of your public IP addresses. This will identify and allow us to lock down any attack vectors which may be used by an attacker.

Dark Web Monitoring – Real Time

We will run dark web scans looking for references to your company domain or any breached passwords.

Online Security and Phishing Training- Twice Monthly

This training will consist of a series of longer quarterly training and snapshot monthly training. Full reporting on training completion is available.

Workplace Security and Policies – As Required

We will provide sample workplace policies. You can customise and use these within your own portal or use a dedicated company portal within the training to store these and make them available to employees.

Threat Hunting and Root Cause Analysis – As Required

Mitigate previously exploited attack vectors and eradicate hidden threats with on-demand targeted threat hunting.

Application Control for Fixed-Function Devices – As Required

Ensures fixed-function devices are in a pristine state continuously, eliminating the drift that occurs with unmanaged devices.

Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

It will limit employee access rights to only the information they need to do their jobs. We will work with you to set this up. It minimises risk with a more granular role management. It allows you to improve restrictions to network access-based information they need to do their jobs. Best of all, it will be a minimal impact on existing users.

Benefits of Cyber Security / Strategy

Intrusion, hacking and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially. Nortec’s Network Security Services cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your network, assets and data against external attack, providing you peace of mind.

Protection against Theft of Data

Nortec can provide comprehensive digital protection to your business. If a hacker is able to obtain personal information regarding your employees or customers, they are quite capable of selling that information on, or even using it to steal their money.

Identifies Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses or other conditions in an organisation that a a hacker, nation-state, disgruntled employee, or other attacker, can exploit to adversely affect data security. Basically it is a weak spot in your network.

End Point Dectection and Response

End-user protection or endpoint security is a crucial aspect of cyber security. After all, it is often an individual who accidentally uploads malware or another form of cyber threat to their desktop, laptop or mobile device. We have seen companies brought to there knees with this attack.

Education and Training

Nortec run quarterly education on cyber security. We cover email security, MFA, malware, phishing, virus activity. Best of all for our managed clients this is run free.

How we can help

We help companies like yours achieve your specific business goals through Cyber Security Audits, by assessing your existing technology and developing solutions that will enable you to secure your business from attacks.

We offer a full security solution including Penetration testing, Dark Web Monitoring, Network Security and User Training.

Leverage our expertise and reap the benefits of our security solutions for your business. Increase your productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and mitigating risk. Contact us today to discuss the many benefits we can provide your business.

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