Defense in Depth Webinar-19 October Thursday 12 AEST

Come listen to some more stories and find out why a Defense in Depth Strategy is important in running a business. David and Shaun will continue on with the 2nd webinar in our Cybersecurity 101 Series. 

Nortec and Kaseya team up again to bring you more up-to-date security information and tips in the cybersecurity space. More stories and more prizes for attendees. Win a 4K Amazon firestick.

David Norris - Nortec IT

Nortec provides quality 2 hour Cybersecurity online training sessions for employees of business run by David.

Layered Security Webinar Presented By Shaun Witherden and David Norris

SEPTEMBER 21 Thursday 12pm AEST – 30 minutes

Industry Legend Shaun Witherden (Kaseya) teamed up with our CEO David Norris and they discuss how layering security measures can help you combat cyber threats. They discussed and compared war stories using examples of how companies have been put at risk and how it could have been avoided. Congratulations to Rahul who won the drone.

Nortec Webinar prize

Defense in Depth keeps an eye on threats
Remember that all businesses, irrespective of their size and industry, can fall prey to malicious attacks. Insufficient cybersecurity measures can provide a freeway for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities within your business. Some of the cybersecurity threats you should be aware of are:


Nortec IT’s Webinar Discusses the 7 Elements of a Defense in Depth Cybersecurity Strategy.

• Firewalls                                                • Intrusion prevention and detection systems
• Endpoint detection and response            • Network Segmentation
• The principle of of least privilege             • Strong Passwords                

• Patch Management

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