Since 1992 Nortec has been working with small to large businesses, delivering a range of I.T. Solutions and Services. We have three decades of experience in managing and maintaining client networks.

The company was founded by brothers Mark and David Norris back in 1992 in their parents’ garage. The business started with letter box drops around local areas advertising educational software. David had a background in technology having worked for companies such as Westpac and IBM; while Mark had a background in teaching having been a primary school teacher.

The business quickly grew. As a result, we were able to lease a first-floor office on the main road running through Castle Hill. Within a year we had taken over the ground floor of the same building. We credited this growth to our belief to: provide a high level of service to small and mid-level businesses.

Being business owners ourselves, we understood the problems owners had and could provide them with cost-effective solutions. Our proactive approach enabled us to work with many companies and technologies, while establishing ourselves as a leading supplier and support company for businesses.

This brought us to the attention of Ian Penman, the Managing Director of Compaq who worked with us to create the first franchise Compaq Connect Store. Here is a news article from Computerworld announcing it. Although this was a fantastic idea and great opportunity, the concept was ahead of its time – and unfortunately, after a year, Compaq decided to pull the plug on the Connect Store.

At about this time, major retail outlets started to stock computer equipment in their stores. Back then their sales pitch was to ” go on down to Nortec, ask them everything you need to know, get your best price, then come back to us and we will beat it “.

What was once a specialist market had now become a box move with no thought or care. So we reinvented our business. With the underlying philosophy that other businesses still required specialist help, we focused our efforts on being a business to business (B2B) company. However, even today, we still receive phone calls from Mums and Dads who bought computers from us so many years ago, needing a refresh.