Australian Cashback Websites – Who doesn’t love free money? UPDATE: Nov 2023 Since writing this article, PricePal has shut down. This does raise an important point that you should withdraw your funds from these companies as soon as possible. Do not treat them as a bank. The Western Weekender has asked me to do a selection of articles on topics relevant to their readers. I have been getting a few questions about cashback websites. So here is the low down. The article link is Western Sydney Weekender. The expanded article with additional information is below. The concept is simple. You use a web page link or toolbar supplied by the Cashback website. When you go to affiliated websites, you receive a percentage cash back. These percentages vary by retailer but can be as high as 20% or as low as 1%. The majority range around 5-10%. So for every $100 spent you get between $5-10 back. There are currently around ten cashback websites operating in Australia. Membership is free. The range of industries they cover is staggering – clothing, pet care, electronics, travel, food, alcohol, chemists, car auto, footwear and travel, to name a few. You can even save on your groceries; one site is offering a 5% cashback at Woolworths online. Almost all the top retailers are operating on one or more of the cashback sites I did a refresh of equipment in my office; a cashback website had a rebate offer for the site I planned to use. It cost $12,000; I got a whopping $2200 cash back.  Had I not used the cashback website – I would never have received this refund.

How Cashback Websites Work

The concept works by the cashback site getting an agreed commission from online retailers for the referral. They may negotiate a 10% discount and pass 7% on to you.  Please check each site for their terms relating to how the cashback works. Is your store offering cashback? Unfortunately, there is no simple way to know. If the cashback website offers a toolbar – then it will alert you. Otherwise, sign up to a few and prior to making any purchase, check if the company is listed.  Is it worth all the trouble? Yes by example, I saved well over 15% on my purchase. It is important to note that these are not an immediate discount or cash back. Depending on the terms and conditions, it may take months for you actually to get the cashback. For example some equipment I bought in November, the Cashback payment date is March. This is a four-month wait, and this length of time is not uncommon. The below list is not an exhaustive list of Cashback websites, but it does give you an idea of some of the sites and the vendors/ shopping sites they support


Over 350 Vendors, including Current cashback offer.
  • Amazon – 6%
  • Groupon – 15%
  • Woolworths – 10%
  • The Iconic – 7%
  • Catch – 3%
  • Bing Lee -3%
  • David Jones – 10%
  • P&O – 3%
  • Specsavers – 6%
  • Spotlight – 9%


Over 500 Vendors, including Current cashback offer
  • Dan Murphy’s – 3.75%
  • Groupon – 4%
  • Virgin – 1.1%
  • Booktopia – 3.75%
  • Bonds – 6%
  • Rebel -3.75%
  • – 10%
  • Vista Print – 24%
  • Wotif – 6%
  • Myer – 3%


Over 500 Vendors, including Current cashback offer
  • Shaver Shop – 5%
  • The Iconic – 16%
  • Rebel – 7.5%
  • LivingSocial – 7%
  • Katmandu – 7%
  • Amart -7.5%
  • Quicksilver – 10%
  • Jay Jays – 7%
  • Clarks – 10.5%
  • Berlei – 9%

Helpful links (Search For)

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  • Cashrewards
  • PricePal
  • CashBackClub
  • Swagbucks

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