The Western Weekender has asked me to do a selection of articles on topics relevant to their readers. Here are some Windows 10 Tips and Tricks you may not know about.

Windows Dark Theme

Start > Settings > Personalisation > Color Select App Mode Dark.

Windows Dark Theme

OneDrive Files on Demand

Files in OneDrive are shown on your PC, but are downloaded as required.

One Drive on Demand Online Only

Online Only: Files are located in the cloud and not on your PC. They are not downloaded until you open it

Always Available: Only files you mark as always keep are downloaded to your device

Locally Available: When you open an online-only file, it downloads and becomes a locally available file. To send it back online – right click and select Free up Space

Windows Night Light

Start > Settings > System > Display. This automatically adjusts your screen at night to reduce glare

Talk to your Computer – Cortana.

Windows Key + S

Cortana Speech

Drag to Pin (Snap Assist)

Grab any Window and drag it to the side it will fill half the screen, drag it to a corner it will fill a quarter of a screen.

Create Virtual Desktops

Open Task ViewVirtual Desktop(ladder symbol bottom left of the start menu). Click on New Desktop.

My People

Pin your contacts to your Task Bar. People Icon and import your contacts.

Speech Recognition

Start > Settings > Time and Language > Speech. Windows Key + H to dictate your speech into text

Disk Cleanup:

Click the Windows Home key and type Disk Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup

Record your screen activity.

Windows Key + G and follow the prompts. Videos are saves under Videos > Captures

Print to PDF

You no longer need a pdf program to do this its built into windows, Simply print as normal but as a printer select PDF,

Windows Phone Companion App

Plug your Android phone into your computer you will now be given an option to import photos and Videos. This is now built in.

God Mode

Create a folder on your desktop named (Cut and Paste it): {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. This will then rename itself to GODMODE and bring together a whole load of customisation elements. It’s Awesome. There are hundreds of quick select options – a few are shown below

Godmode 2GodMode 1

Ransomware Protection

Windows Defender > Virus and Threat Protection settings. It now allows an automatic backup to Onedrive for recovery

Ransomware Protection

Analyse Storage Space

Start > Settings > System > Storage.

Storage Space


Windows Key + . (Windows + Period)


Pin Websites to the taskbar

Must use Edge browser

Windows Calculator

Can now do Currency conversion, Volume, Length, Weight and Mass calculations


Windows Timeline

Windows Key + TAB.

Near Share.

Share documents with computers close to you. No USB drives needed.

Windows Near Share

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