Windows Security Centre App helps to improve your security

The Windows Security Centre is a built-in App that helps you protect your Windows 10/11 device from various cyber threats. It monitors and manages the security and maintenance status of your device, and provides you with alerts and recommendations to improve your security. The idea behind the Security Centre is to give you a consolidated view of the status of all the security tools in Windows. It is well worth checking this weekly.

The Windows Security Centre has several features and tools:

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus: This is the default antivirus software with Windows. It scans your device for viruses, malware, and other threats, and removes them automatically.
  • Microsoft Defender Firewall: This is a firewall that blocks unauthorised access to your device from the Internet or a network. It also prevents malicious programs from sending data from your device.
  • If you have a different Security package installed, your antivirus program will replace the above two programs. examples include – Norton, McAfee and Trend Micro.
  • Account protection: This feature has an excellent facial recognition program. You need only look at my PC, and it will unlock. Account protection helps you secure your device using biometric logins, such as Windows Hello face, fingerprint or PIN.

windows security centre

  • Device security: This feature helps you protect your device’s hardware and firmware from tampering and attacks. It also helps you enable and use security features, such as Secure Boot, Core Isola­tion and Device Encryption.
  • Device performance and health: This feature helps you optimise your device’s performance and health. It also helps you update Windows and other software, free up disk space, and troubleshoot common problems. You can also view the battery life and storage capacity of your device.
  • Family options: This feature helps you set up and manage parental controls and family safety features for your children’s devices. You can also monitor their online activity, screen time, app usage and purchases. You can also find and locate their devices, and protect them from inappropriate content and contacts.

There are several ways to access the Windows Security Centre:

  • Clicking on the Windows Security icon in the taskbar notification area. If you don’t see the icon, you can click on the arrow to expand the hidden icons. It looks like a blue shield.
  • Searching for Windows Security in the Start menu or the search box, and click­ing on the app.

windows security centre

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